Lanier striper report 5/9

John Stegeman on one of my pet dock lights

Okay so we seem to take 2 steps forward and then 1 step backwards. The striper fishing was more consistent this past week. CONSISTENTLY TOUGH!  I really had to work hard to get a few fish to the boat every day this past week. It probably was a combination of things that caused the fishing to slow down. First, we were on a really poor moon phase. Second, we got a bunch of c-o-l-d rain that raised the lake level and lowered the water temperature. 3rd and most importantly we had a few fronts come through that threw everything out of whack. Now for the good news……we are approaching one of the better moon phases in the next day or two and I fully expect the fishing to improve dramatically over that time. The dock light bite has continued to salvage my fishing as even the spotted bass bite slowed this past week. The few fish I did get each day were almost exclusively taken on top water after first light. These next 3 weeks should be spectacular starting………VERY SOON! Better get out there as we expect the major top water feed to start immediately. See you on the pond. HC

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