Lanier striper report 2/24/12

Well I guess I have been remiss in keeping up with my blog. Truth is, the fishing been poor the past 4 weeks. Perfect for me as I was in the fishing show mode. First was Atlanta followed by Somerset, NJ and finally Raleigh, NC. Whew….am I tired of show season! Got back on the pond yesterday and while all reports talk about fishing being good, I have to say it is very skewed! The big fish have shown up and now is the time to cat a trophy striper. If 20+ lbs is what you want, the next 3-4 weeks is the time to go! Keep in that big fish time means fewer fish time. he guides claiming fishing is real good are not telling you that they are putting 1 or 2 fish in the boat for an entire trip. While the size is great, the bites are few and far between. Things ought to pick over the next few weeks. I was out yesterday on an exploratory trip and caught 1 fish about 13lbs on fly. Fish are still holding towrds the backs of the coves but are very spread out. They were in deep water near a shallow bank. Sinking lines and grey/wht rabbit Clousers caught my fish. No top water activity at all but there were some signs of life as herons on the banks gave away some info as well as terns circling on some choice points. Keep your eyes open and focus on the wild life this time of year. Some splashing and tails are soon to follow! See you on the pond.


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