Lanier striper report 4/15

It appears most of our striped bass are still up both rivers on their annual spawning run. For the past 7 days the only stripers I have been able to target are on the lakes many dock lights. After the lights shut off the stripers appear to be ghosts and disappear completely. Today, we were able to raise a nice sized striper on a point using a walk-the-dog type lure from Rapala. We also marked some fish over the past 2-3 days and while they were not caught the signs of the fish moving down river and back into the lake is clearly evident. While the stripers have been on vacation, the spotted bass fishing has been pretty consistent. Top water flies and lures have taken many nice spotted bass over the past week to ten days. Yes there are also some small fish that you need to weed through but the action has been very good for the most part. Fish are concentrating on the points around the entire lake. Both north and south have produced but I am staying north as the stripers will have to pass through this area before heading south again. Best flies have been both Flat Freds and gurglers along with crease flies. It shouldn’t be long before the pole dancer becomes the fly of choice when the stripers come back in full strength. For conventional anglers, try throwing medium sized Sammy’s, top dogs and sppoks as well as medium sized chug bugs. We are closing in on the best part of the spring run. I still have some open dates in the middle of May. See you on the pond…


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