Lanier striper report 9/28

Welcome back to our fishing reports! Summer was spent catching carp on the Hooch and hybrids on Allatoona with a little Hooch striper fishing mixed in. Now we are back to business on the pond. Typically early October is mostly a smattering of scattered top water striper fishing along with schooling spotted bass. As the weather starts to cool off we will see more and more stripers schooling on the south end of the lake. These fish moght be on small threadfin but could also be on 3″-5″ bluebacks. I would cary both a floating and an intermediate fly line and have both a surface and sub surface fly tied on, FIsh will be seen popping both out in open water as well as inside some of the south ends major creeks. There are no birds yet to key in on so a set of binoculars is a must. The key is to just drive and look until you find fish schooling. This might occur in the morning or in the afternoon. The dock light bite is still a few weeks away so no need to start looking at that pattern yet. We are now booking trips for mid to end October when the bite should really kick in. Last year the fall bite was easily our best and most consisitent of the season. For those wanting to catch some spots, your best bet is to fish the points in about 15’to 25′ of water and throw your top water baits over some brush. The spots are big and starting to get active. Man I just love the fall on Lanier. This is a great time of year to do a witching hour trip. Hope to see you on the pond!



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