Lanier striper report

Well I finally have some good news to blog…the top water bight appears to be in full swing. Water temps dropped to the low/mid 60’s and that is just what the striped bass and spotted bass wanted to see happen. Fish are feeding on top all over the south end of the lake and some of the area we call mid-lake. They are busting both early and late in the day and the schools while not enormous are big enough to get your fly or top water bait to them. Fish are mixed sizes with plenty of 8-12 lb fish as well as 2-5lb fish too. Best top water baits are a bone redfin and a bone top dog. For fly anglers a pole dancer or pucker lips will get you a few bights but nothing beats an intermediate line with a coyote tied on. Keep a set of binoculars in the boat and just drive till you see the explosions. We are now booking trips thru the season and Nov and Dec are typically a really great time to fish Lanier. Dock lights are also in full swing however the fish on the lights are on the smaller side. That will change as the bigger fish move up the water column and start pushing further north. C’mon boys….it’s top water time. Get your Carhardts on and give it a go! See you on the pond…

2 thoughts on “Lanier striper report

  1. Has Lanier started turnover? Seems like we are a few weeks ahead of you guys on Murray. Fishing was great and then the turnover.

    • Elly,

      Hope all is well. Lanier has been turning over for a few weeks already. Fish are scattered but we are seeing the top water every day…you get your limited shots and just need to make them count.

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