Lanier striper report 1/6/13

dwayne 2Well it has been quite a while since my last report. Fishing was terriffic in Nov but most of Dec was a bust. Right around Christmas the dock lights lit up with fish and the fish that were mostly down south began migrating north. The coves are starting to load up with shad and the fish are following them into the creeks. Winter as we know it has arrived. Small to medium sized flies along with sinking lines are the norm. It pays to keep an intermediate line in the boat in case you see fish on the surface or running the banks. My best fly now has been a coyote fished on a sinking line. Simply hard to beat. Today was one of those really fun days where the fish just ate the way they are supposed to. We caught them on fly and on spoons., Flies outfished the spoons 2:1. My client today hooked approx 15 fish on both fly and conventional outfits. We had 4 fish hooked on dock lights and 4 fish on spoons along with another 5 or so on flies after first light. Wed also caaught a couple of really nice spotted bass to 4 lbs on fly. Just a great day  overall. Most fish are in the 10-12 lb class with fish to 20 lbs caught ths past week. I suspect this will continue for some time. Now is the time to really find the large schools of fish on the fishfinders. I love the winter! See you on the pond.


1 thought on “Lanier striper report 1/6/13

  1. Man, didn’t think there would ever be another report. Sounds like Murray. Killed them way up river on the banks and then the rain came. Fun while it lasted, but it’s sinkers and coyotes here as well.

    Thanks for the report, always look forward to them.

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