Lanier striper report 3/9

dock light striper ll

OK fellas…spring has officially arrived and the striper bite is pretty good. We have two patterns to fish. The dock light bite is okay. Not as consistent as it will be in a week or two but the fish on the lights now are beasts! We saw a couple of 20+ lb fish earlier this week. Fish are feeding on medium sized threadfin shad so flies of choice will be coyotes, Clousers and baitfish patterns. The second bite is the back of the cove bite. Now is the time to toss small flies (somethin else, Clousers and coyotes) in the backs of the coves. Fish are in ALL the coves. Just make sure you start at first light or be there for last light as that is when they roll on top the best. FIsh are moxed in size. Some fish are 3-5 lbs and others are teen sized. You need to bring two outfits… intermediate line and a fast sink. Use your fishfonder to locate both the bait and the stripers. Some monster largemouth are also being caught. It’s time folks to get in on some really nice fishing in shallow water. Hope to see you on the pond.


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