Lanier striper report 3/31


We continue to see some really nice fish being caught in the backs of the coves as the water temps continue to warm as we head into spring. Stripers are feeding on very small shad in the 2- 2 1/2″ size range. Clousers and somethin’ else flies are still the ticket. While I always carry a sinking line in my boat, I am stictly tossing intermediate lines up and onto the banks of the coves. Many of my eats are coming in under 7 feet of water and in some cases in just 2-3′ of water. This is my favorite time on Lanier as we are fishing skinny to BIG fish. Most fish this past week hae aeraged over 15 lbs. Biggest this week on fly was a 21 lb fish. This pre-spawn bite will continue for another weekbefore the fish start leaving the coves and head north for their spawning run. When that happens, the spotted bass should start moving shallow making for the best of the spring bite with both stripers and spots being caught on fly. This is usually when we get our most eats for the year on the fly. Dock lights continue to produce nice sized fish on slightly bigger baits tossing sinking lines. The dock light bite will surely continue to get stronger throughout the spring. I had a busmans holiday yesterday (opening day of trout season) when both Jimmy Harris and Jeff Durniak took a morning off to fish the pond in Jimmy’s new boat. It was great fun and both trout guys had a ball. Jeff hooked, landed and released a 15+ lb striper on a little fly he tied. Ironic to see two of No GA biggest trout names fishing stripers on opening day 🙂  Now is the time to get out and fly fish the pond. Hope to see you there… HC

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