Lanier striper report 9/24/13

Well it is that time of year again only it is starting earlier than normal. The stripers are already hitting the surface and taking them on both fly and top water lures has started. Fish into the teens have been caught the last week and it is only going to get better as the waters cool down. Both early in the mornings and late in the afternoons are best. However we caught them from 1-3pm this week too! Best bet is to look for fish south of Browns Bridge. Spotted bass are also schooling along with the stripers. We are now booking trips for the fall run. The last 2 years have shown some of the best fishing of the year during October and November. Chug bugs for conventional tackle and poppers and crease flies for fly rods are what we are using. Stay tuned as we will start posting photos over the next few weeks. Fish are schooling in both small groups of 8-12 fish and large groups from 40-50 fish. You can see them busting a long ways off on the lake. So it is important to keep binoculars handy to scan the water for surface feeders… See you on the pond!


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