Lanier striper report 10/14/13

The fishing on Lanier continues to disappoint despite the fact that we are now squarely on the full moon. While I expected the fish to be all over the surface and tearing it up the past few days, it has been just the opposite. The fish have scattered and have been non existent for top water anglers. What probably caused the fishing to become slow is the mild weather we have seen over the past 7 days. Water temps have climbed back up into the mid 70’s and we need this to fall a good 3-5 degrees before the top water action kicks into high gear. For now, I am postponing trips til the bite kicks in but continuing to monitor and fish thru the slow days. Even the spotted bass have gone deep! Very unusual to see this but not to worrisome at all. The small bait is out over the channel and can be seen both early and late in the day. This is exactly what one would expect to see this time of year and once the water temps drop a little we will see our bite kick in just as if someone flipped on a light switch. Hang in there! it is coming very soon. We always talk about the fishing going off around baseball’s world series. Well the world series is 7-10 days away…GO TIGERS! Stay tuned and hope to see you on the pond!  HC

2 thoughts on “Lanier striper report 10/14/13

  1. In a “sick” way I am glad you sent this very honest report. I have spent the last two days on the water, south, way south and I have seen surface activity but is very sporadic. it appears the strippers are mixed in with spots. Finicky would perfectly describe the fish’s behavior! See you on the pond.

  2. Ricardo,

    Fishing the past 2 days has taken a slight upturn! Temps are cooling and on my last trip we were able to make 3 fish eat landing 1 striper…Weather calls for temps in the 40’s next week. I believe it is gonna go wide open sometime next week.

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