Lanier striper report 10/29/13

Top water striper...

Top water striper…

Well finally all things come to an abrupt start! The top water bite officially began the past 48 hours. Fish are busting shad all over the lake. While we are only seeing a handful of gulls and terns it is not so easy to spot them as it will be in two to three weeks from now when we have lots of bird life helping find fish. For now the fish are feeding on their normal fall patterns. There are two patterns that are consistent… first there is the night time bomber bite. You can go right after dark and fish shallow by tossing bomber long A lures up shallow around beaches and islands on the south end of the lake. For those wanting to do it using fly, just take a bomber and remove the treble hooks. Toss it on the shallow points and beaches and when you get a tug, stop and change over to a fly rod with an intermediate fly line and a fly about 5-7″ in length. The second bite is the top water bite. You will see the stripers busting bait just under the surface but still make a splash. Best bet is a small somethin else or Clouser type pattern on an intermediate line or you can fish a wiggle minnow on a floating line. It is tons of fun watching these fish crash the bait near the surface. These are happy fish that are at times doing back flips on the surface. It is all just starting and the next 6 weeks should be tremendous! We are booking trips and are currently open for some trips around Thanksgiving and thereafter… see you on the pond!





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