Lanier Striper Report 11/20

Well things have certainly changed over the past week of fishing. The fish are moving all over the pond and while there are still plenty of schools on top, some of the schools appear harder to feed than others. I had a particularly good week of fishing. My schools that I am targeting are eating a well presented fly. The key term here is “well presented”. This time of year anglers MUST fish with an urgency about them in order to get the fly in front of the fish. Unfortunately for anglers not accustomed to fishing this way it leads to errant casts and missed opportunities. Anglers must take a deep breath and not get rattled at seeing teen sized stripers rolling on the surface for a short time before disappearing and then resurfacing 100 yards away again. That is the difference in having a nice day versus a big day. I had a trip last week where my first time clients had many opportunities to surfacing face. They caught and landed 2 spotted bass and dropped 2 stripers in nearly 5 hours. After dropping them off I found a school of fish heading home and in ten minutes of fishing made a total of 8 casts hooking 5 fish. It is all about feeding the fish and a well presented fly. Not always an easy task… but it can be done! Fish are still eating somethin’ else flies on intermediate lines. Mornings and evenings are best but even middle of the day has fish showing up. Overcast days are clearly better then sunny days. Weather has us buggered the past 3 days…It will continue!!! See you on the pond


PS…for David Testerman… best area of the lake is positively $!%&#@*!   😉

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