Lanier striper report 12/4/13

ImageFishing continues to be very good on the pond as the stripers are spreading out all over the lake. From mid-lake to the northern breaches the fish are in small groups but are finding shad and blitzing them just under the surface. As we continue to see the surface temps drop, the fish should begin to bunch up more making fishing a tad easier. Fish are ranging in size from small young of the year fish in the 1lb range to fish over 20 lbs. Intermediate lines and the somethin’ else fly is positively your best bet. Most shad the fish are gorging on range in size from 1 1/2″ to 3″ in length. Cloudy slightly wet days with light winds make for outstanding fishing. Sunny days are still okay however the fish are more scattered and will feed both early and late in the day. Some of the best fishing is yet to come. We still have a few days open in end December and I suspect the good fishing will continue thru early January or whenever the cold weather just shuts it down. See you on the pond!



2 thoughts on “Lanier striper report 12/4/13

  1. Henry,

    Great reports, thanks. We are seeing the same thing n our lakes. Yesterday we saw lots of but they were so scattered it was hard to get your fly presented well. The fish were not staying up, they would come up and make one slurp or boil then you could see them continue swimming away. Also they seemed very spooky, as soon as we got in range (very stealth with Trolling Motor on lowest setting) they would stop only to resurface some distance away. I wondered if lower water temps would bunch the bait and fish up better. Sounds like you say it will!

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