Lanier striper report 12/27

This will be the last striper report for 2013′. What can I say….? This was positively the best top water bight we have seen in many a year. The fish just keep on feeding on or near the surface. As of last week, the fish have started running the banks with reckless abandon. Best bet is to let the terns and gulls help you find the fish. Intermediate lines and the something else fly is still your best bet. Fish can feed any time of the day but early and late are still best. Today was another magical day on the pond. We fed 8 fish on fly for Ryan Kennedy. Fish were up to the low teens. When will this top water end? Who knows…it’s like the energizer bunny. The fish take a licken’ but keep on ticken’. I suspect we are nearing the end of this pattern and the next pattern will take shape shortly as the water temps hover around 50 degrees + or -. We have an opening or two for later this week and then we are booked til mid January. Happy New Year and see you on the pond…


Ryan Kennedy w/striper caught running the bank

Ryan Kennedy w/striper caught running the bank

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