Lanier striper report April 13, 2014

It has been quite a while since I last posted a fishing report. I am here to tell you that our fall and early winter fishing was phenomenal due in part to the wonderfully consistent weather we had. Well not so for most of January thru the first of April. Front after front moved thru and the temperatures were up and down for month after month. This led to inconsistent surface water temperatures and the fish even though it is April 12th, are feeling like it is March 12th. The fishing has been consistently inconsistent and I continue to take a trip or two and then cancel a trip or two. The stripers just have not woken up yet. They have not made their spawning run up river (although I suspect that will occur any day). Dock light fishing (which is usually off the charts right now) has been just fair at best and the fish over the past 3-4 days are finally getting on the lights. The spotted bass are just now getting up “near” the bank. By next week I suspect we will see really good spotted bass fishing and hopefully the stripers will be on the points staging for their run up river. It has been a frustrating start to our spring season to say the least. Even the bait guides are suffering. The good news is that as surface water temperatures continue to warm (60* right now) we will surely see the fishery turn on as if someone thru the switch. Stay tuned folks! It’s gonna get hot and heavy very soon. See you on the pond…


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