Lanier Striper report 9/18/15

It has been a while since I last wrote a report on Lanier. So after all this time I felt it was time to get the ball moving forward again. While I have nothing to report fly fishing wise on Lanier, I can tell you that last fall was not a very good bite for anyone. Top water was nearly non existent and the sinking line bite was fair at best. However, the good news is that the past 6 weeks the deep water down line and power reeling bite has been phenomenal! Our 2012 year class fish have survived and are showing themselves all over the lake. If these fish decide to come to the surface this fall (which we anticipate they will) it is going to be game on. The screen shots being taken on fish finders all summer are the likes of which we have not seen in 15+ years. Most of these fish are in the 4-6lb class but these fish can tolerate the warm water better than the big fish and are hopefully surviving the pressure from the bait fishers. These smaller fish usually LOVE to feed on the surface too. I suspect we are going to have a lights out top water bite starting in the next couple of weeks and then it will extend to great fishing thru the new year. We are starting to book trips for those wanting to get on my calendar. Start cleaning off the intermediate fly lines as fall is fast approaching. screen shotSee you on the pond!

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