Lanier striper report 10/12/15

Got to get out a few times last week and you can see the changes taking place. Most importantly, the water temps are slowly coming down. We are not where we need to be but are getting close. I suspect we will be seeing the “right” temps in the next week to ten days. What I did see was a few loons working baitfish on the surface (very early for this) as well as a bunch of turns diving on bait like you would expect to see in mid-Nov. It was cool seeing this event this early in the season. Ran into a few schools busting bait on top but they did not stay up long enough to get on them. Most of this occurred out over the river channel. Typical for this time of year. I suspect the activity will get better once we see the effects of the Oct full moon. I am thinking 7-9 days away from the fish really committing to the surface. We were able to catch a bunch of nice sized spots and a few stripers mixed in. Most of this was found by either fishing over humps that are 20-25 feet down or fishing points near deep water. Nearly all of this is done with spinning tackle and swim baits or top water lures. The fly bite is just not ready yet but will be in the coming weeks. It’s gonna get better real soon folks. We are in the process of booking trips for end October thru New Years. Thanksgiving days are gone and Xmas to New Years is starting to get booked. Now is the time to get the better moon phase dates on the books as they will certainly go first. See you on the pond.


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