A New Season Begins…

Fishing kicked in in the past week. We are now seeing some decent top water fishing on Lanier. Fish are being found all over the south end and mid lake. You have to burn gas and run a lot to find them. They can appear at anytime during the day. Best bet is early and late in the day as low light periods tend to generate the best feeding. Fish are eating both small and medium sized baits but I tend to like the 3 1/2-5″ long flies this time of the year. Small flies will perform better as the water cools down and the fish migrate toward the smaller baits. Wiggle minnows and game changers on intermediate lines are best employed. Clousers can be effective at times too. We still have one or two days left in November and December is still fairly open. Fishing should get better and better thru the next 9-10 weeks. See you on the pond…HC

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