No GA fishing report 5/23

Well Lanier is basically over! We never had much of a spring bite and what little bite we had was short lived. The fish are scattered and running into them has been a chore.The spotted bass fishing has been good and that is certainly a plus for anglers looking to wet a line on the pond. However for me….I am done on Lanier until I get a good report from some of the bait guides. Dock lights still are holding fish but they are mostly smaller stripers in the 2-4lb size. At this point I am switching gears over to both Lake Allatoona for the top water hybrid bite and the Hooch for either stripers below Morgan Falls dam or carp above Morgan Falls dam. I have been to Allatoona a few times now and while it has been a tad hit or miss you will always see some fish schooling on the lake. It is just a matter of whether you are going to catch 3 or 4 fish one day versus 12 fish on another. These hybrids are just a great fighting fish and are perfect on both 6-8 wt rods. I really like to fish a 7 wt. FIsh are eating small threadfin shad and finding the big schools up is not too hard. As for carp fishing the Hooch, I have gone two times in the past week and we have fed 5 fish on two trips. This fishery is just heating up and should kick fully into gear over the next couple of weeks. Time to leave the Cumming/Gainesville area and start fishing south and west! See you on the dead sea or the Hooch!Image

2 thoughts on “No GA fishing report 5/23

    • Chris,

      Anything that looks like a crayfish or damsil fly nymph. Dark flies in sizes 8 or 10 work best for me. I like dark colors: rust, brown, black or olive. Flies with sili legs are popular too.

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