Lanier striper report 4/7/13


Hit the pond this morning for some dock light fishing and some up on the bank fishing. Had the boys from Southern Culture on the Fly E-Zine out with me today. The weather was fantabulous! The fishing wss as good as the weather. Fish are now moving north for the spawn and are shallow. I mean right in the skinniest water you can imagine. Using mostly intermediate lines and some fairly fast sink lines too. We managed close to 20 fish (combination of spotted bass and striped bass). The spots were up to 3+ lbs and the stripers went to near 12 lbs. Most of the stripers were in the 3-5 lb range. Clousers and coyotes were the ticket. The bait is up on the banks and the fish are right there with them. We also hit a few dock lights heading north and saw some BIG gals still swimming and eating on the lights. With the warm weather finally here you need to just get out on the water and take advantage fo some great fishing! Hope to see you on the pond… HC

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